Configure FTP client

We give you you full access to your server’s files here at Forceplan. This will allow you to upload and download files to and from your server as you wish. Setting up a FTP client is very easy, and it’s a powerful tool for your server.

For Windows users we recommend using WinSCP for the FTP client, and for Mac users, you can use Filezilla. This article will cover on setting up both.

WinSCP download (Windows only):
Filezilla download (Windows and Mac OS):

Setting up WinSCP (Windows only)
1. Log into the TCAdmin control panel here.
2. Navigate to the server you want to access FTP of.
3. Now what you are looking for is the FTP info for that server. It will be in the format IP:PORT

In this case it is as follows:
Port: 8821

4. Start up WinSCP and select New Site.

5. Now to the right in the Session section you will need to change File Protocol from SFTP to FTP.

6. Now you just need to fill in the information as you saw previously. For Host name use the IP you acquired from FTP details, same goes for the Port. As far as the User name and Password simply use the same one you used to access the TCAdmin panel.

7.  Once you have entered all the info click the Save button to save this so you don’t have to enter it every time you want to connect. I named mine “My Server”, but you can call it whatever you want of course.

8. Now when you are ready to connect click on the saved session name, and then click the Login button.


9. Now you will be able to see your server’s files. (1) is the files on your computer, and (2) are the files on your server. If you happen to have more than one server and they happen to be on the same node, you will see a folder for each.

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